2023-06-30 News028: MOLIPEC Data Management Plan
2023-06-26 News027: MOLIPEC Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan
2023-06-22 News026: Plant Sciences Seminar: Kenichi Tsuda
2023-06-15 News025: Plant Sciences Seminar: Sandra Cortijo
2023-06-08 News024: Plant Sciences Seminar: Markus Teige
2023-06-01 News023: Plant Sciences Seminar: Sébastien Thomine
2023-05-23 News022: First meeting of IPMB International Advisory Board
2023-05-22 News021: Plant Molecular Biology Conference 2023
2023-05-18 News020: Plant Sciences Seminar: Ivana Tomášková
2023-05-02 News019: Minisymposium: Possible new research topics for IPMB
2023-04-24 News018: Register for IPMB Conference 2023
2023-04-20 News017: Plant Sciences Seminar: PhD progress reports
2023-04-13 News016: Plant Sciences Seminar: Enrique Lopez Juez
2023-04-11 News015: Guido Grossmann was appointed a member of IPMB IAB
2023-03-31 News014: IPMB Group Installation Strategy
2023-03-30 News013: Plant Sciences Seminar: MSCA Fellows Ahamed Khan & Mingxi Zhou
2023-03-23 News012: Plant Sciences Seminar: Elwira Smakowska-Luzan
2023-03-16 News011: Plant Sciences Seminar: Ivan Kulich & Laura Krassini
2023-03-02 News010: Alexey Bondar – Bioimaging facility for plant research
2023-03-01 News009: 97 researchers applied for group leader positions at IPMB
2023-02-27 News008: IPMB International Advisory Board established
2023-02-23 News007: Plant Sciences Seminar: Lennart Wirthmueller
2023-02-16 News006: Plant Sciences Seminar: Angélique Deleris
2023-02-14 News005: MSCA fellowships are of great benefit to the Biology Centre
2023-02-09 News004: IPMB Conference 2023. Save the date!
2023-02-06 News003: Jiří Friml’s lecture started a new phase of plant research at the Biology Centre
2023-01-22 News002: Two positions of independent group leaders in plant molecular biology
2023-01-20 News 001: ERA Chair Welcome Lecture