News014: IPMB Group Installation Strategy


Director of the Biology Centre CAS Prof. Libor Grubhoffer together with Director of the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology Dr. Michael Wrzaczek signed document “IPMB Group Installation Strategy” prepared and approved by the ERA Chair Jiří Friml.

This document is a key internal directive describing in detail recruitment process of IPMB group leaders and other IPMB employees. The document is binding for all employees of the Intitute of Plant Molecular Biology at Biology Centre CAS and valid from 13 March 2023.

IPMB Group Installation Strategy (PDF V01)
Annex 1: Template for job advertisement (DOCX V01)
Annex 2: Template for Recruitment Reports: Group Leader (DOCX V01)
Annex 3: Template for Recruitment Reports: Staff (DOCX V01)