MOLIPEC: Molecular Life of Plants ERA Chair
Project holder: Jiří Friml
Beneficiary: Biology Centre CAS,
Project number: 101087030, CORDIS
Duration: 01 Jan 2023 – 31 Dec 2027 (60 months)
Budget: EUR 2,575,000

Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (BC) together with Prof. Jiří Friml (Institute of Science and Technology Austria, ISTA) are implementing the project “MOLIPEC: Molecular Life of Plants ERA Chair” to create a research centre of excellence in plant molecular biology to increase research quality and capacity at BC, in the Czech Republic and within ERA. Modern plant biology has pioneered many major discoveries in all areas of biology. Further molecular insights are essential for developing sustainable agriculture and plant-based industry, all critical to human survival. The MOLIPEC project comprehensively addresses five most important areas for BC improvement: (1) The International Advisory Board under ERA Chair direction strengthen research and leadership at BC from an international perspective. (2) Centralised facilities provide professional research and administrative support, improving efficiency and economical savings. (3) Outstanding talents are recruited to establish two new independent research groups complementing current plant research topics. (4) Mentorship program and career development plan improve R&I knowledge and skills, free circulation of knowledge, and cooperation with business. (5) Targeted communication and dissemination of research results with societal relevance ensure international attractiveness and visibility of BC.

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Anna Vosečková and Lenka Chvojková from the Technology Centre Prague for all their consultation, advice and support. Many thanks to the European Commission and the European Research Executive Agency for the opportunity to develop plant research in the Czech Republic.

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