News024: Plant Sciences Seminar: Markus Teige


Markus Teige, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria
is going to have a lecture on Thursday 08 June 2023 at 13:30 in lecture hall B1

ADAPT: Stress Response and Acclimation from Arabidopsis to Potato
Currently heat- drought- and flooding events are increasingly threatening crop production and cause severe losses of harvest. To understand, how plants are able to adapt and acclimate to challenging environmental conditions, it will be essential to gain mechanistic insights into these processes. Here I will describe how plants employ calcium and protein kinase signalling for stress acclimation to reprogramme their metabolism and physiology. While detailed studies have so far been mostly done in model plants such as Arabidopsis, this knowledge needs now to be translated to crop species. Potato, as the fourth most commonly grown food crop globally, after rice, maize, and wheat is vulnerable to drought, heat-stress and waterlogging, conditions that it did not evolve to withstand in its original high-altitude home in the Andes. To develop approaches for faster breeding of more stress-resilient varieties, the ADAPT project is combining molecular and physiological approaches to understand stress acclimation in potato at a molecular level. Here, I will specifically focus on the regulation of tuberization by calcium-mediated signals


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